Influencer Marketing in Medicine | Case Study

Influencer marketing in medicine is rather new but that doesn’t mean it’s not effective. In fact, if used properly it can an incredibly effective tool to help doctors reach a global audience with their best results. Learn about a recent influencer marketing campaign we ran for our client Dr. Jason Roostaeian at UCLA Plastic Surgery.

influencer marketing in medicine campaign medical plastic surgery instagram analytics
Influencer marketing promotion on Instagram to promote Dr. Jason Roostaeian’s recent facial reconstruction plastic surgery procedure.

After 2 years of extensive cosmetic procedures, Dr. Jason Roostaeian had finally completed an incredible facial reconstruction case that would surely be one of the great hallmarks of his career as a plastic surgeon. This case seemed to unique to be promoted as a traditional Instagram post or blog. With such breath-taking results and a powerful inspirational story, Dr. J wanted to utilize a larger promotional platform to share this case worldwide.

We reached out to a few medical platforms and settled on working with @Plastic.Touch and @MedicalTalks for this promotion. We chose @PT because they had a focused niche audience of users highly interested in plastic surgery. @MT was a no-brainer given their massive following and reputation for graphic cases.

instagram influencer marketing in medicine campaign medical plastic surgery hashtag trending promotion
Influencer marketing campaign results had Dr. Roostaeian trending for top medical hashtags world-wide.

The two influencer platforms helped us reach a highly targeted audience resulting in more than 300,000 engaged users. Dr. Roostaeian’s profile erupted with engagement as he started trending world-wide for many of the top medical hashtags. Users streamed in to learn about our client as seen by his profile analytics which shot up by 5-10 times normal engagement. With over 200 new website visitors and tons of clients booking consultations following the promotion, we’re glad to say the campaign was an incredible success. Big shout-out to the influencers and an even bigger one our brave doctor for taking a chance on influencer marketing.

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