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Digital Marketing

Social Media, Websites, Landing Pages and More!

We combine social media and landing pages to create highly focused campaigns that focus on sales growth and growing your customer base.

Set Goals for Your Brand

We work with you to set goals for your brand on each unique platform, then our creatives get to work making interactive content that gets people talking. Online and in-store promotions are supported unique content schedules to maximize effectiveness. Our SEO team makes sure your content is properly connected to your website for maximum optimization across all search engines.

this is how we can help you.

Facebook Audience Insights

  • We utilize Facebook Audience Insights to give us an inside look at your audience and refine the criteria that makes your audience tick.

Promotional Landing Pages

  • We design a landing page to complement the campaign strategy and collect focused customer data without mixing it together with your normal website traffic.

Sales and Campaigns Conversions

  • Using data from sales and campaign conversions we constantly refine our audience targeting to make sure the budget is only spent on the right users.

Facebook Ad Strategy

  • Combining this together our Facebook ad strategy improves Cost-Per-Click by an average of 2-3 times original cost (of similar Google campaigns)

Additional Ad and Copy Variations

  • Additional ad and copy variations are used to build a funnel which targets users who almost converted and still have likelihood to make a future purchase.

Email Marketing and Retargeting Ads

  • Email marketing and retargeting ads further support this strategy by upselling users and pushing to make additional purchases